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A large bauxite deposit was discovered in dengfeng, henan, w

inputtime: 2018-07-13 09:00
By the henan province departmental fifth geological prospecting institute bear "- new ones in dengfeng coalfield ShengDi temple aluminum (stick) soil under coal mine survey" project has been smoothly through the territory of henan province of the field inspection and acceptance of the organization, and has excellent, project is expected to submit a large bauxite 1 place of origin.
This project belongs to the project of "aluminum (clay) earth mining under coal in lizhuang zhai-pingdingshan district, mianchi city, henan province", with an area of 141.6 square kilometers. In December 2016, all field work of this project was completed. The project has completed 71 drilling holes, with a total drilling footage of 20280.24 meters and a geophysical well log of 19249.12 meters. After comprehensive material arrangement, the preliminary budget of the whole region is 47 million tons of bauxite resources. The ore body is characterized by shallow burial, rich grade, high aluminum-silicon ratio and low sulfur, and the development condition of the ore body is good. In addition, bauxite ore bodies also co-exist with refractory clay mines, pyrite, associated gallium, lithium and other minerals, and the comprehensive prospecting results are outstanding.
The positive response to the territory of henan province of "about the standard and the provincial geological prospecting fund project collaboration exploration" file on the body, is a cooperative areas in western area, divided into two cooperative exploration area in the east. The joint exploration was conducted by henan provincial bureau of territory and soil resources, chinalco henan mining co., LTD, henan jinfeng coal industry co., LTD and henan geological engineering survey institute. The project not only proposed a new form of collaborative exploration and prospecting under the guidance of henan provincial bureau of frontier soil resources, but also provided a backup resource guarantee for aluminum corporation of China.
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