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What is the difference between heat transfer paper and heat

inputtime: 2018-07-13 09:17
Heat transfer paper is a type of printing material: in printing, the pattern is printed on the heat transfer paper, and then the heat and pressure transfer to the surface of the substrate. Guangzhou big stupid elephant heat transfer printing paper factory small make up and everybody tells the difference between heat transfer paper and heat transfer film.
Heat transfer paper is mainly divided into heat sublimation paper and hot stamping paper. Heat sublimation paper is mainly applicable to polyester fabric, for example
1. Wood-grain transfer printing furnace clothing decorative cloth, curtain cloth, sand release, umbrella cloth, handbag, carpet cloth, toy cloth, etc.
2.PU or PVC appearance, such as coated PU or PVC fabric, etc.
Front and back of all kinds of natural leather.
The hot transfer paper is mainly used for pure cotton, dark fabric, etc.
What about the heat transfer film? The process principle of cowboy thermal transfer film is similar to that of thermal transfer paper, except that the substrate or transfer medium of the thermal transfer film is transparent film, and there are three main types of substrate materials, OPP, PET and PVC.
1. OPP: it has a large scale, and the profile shaping machine has a large impact pressure, but poor high temperature resistance.
2. PET: low scalability and good stability. Most commonly used. Heat transfer substrate, 80% of this material is made of this material.
3. PVC: corrosion resistance and good insulation.
Heat transfer film is applicable to ABS, PP, PE, EVA, PVC and other materials of plastic, jeans, metal, including spray paint and unpainted, wood, etc. At the same time, the request product surface is flat or regular surface, such as cylinder, cone, surface, etc. In the detailed products, the heat transfer film is applicable to the following products:
1. Daily necessities: cups, slippers, water bottles, buckets, floor MATS and chopsticks
2. Stationery, such as pen, stationery box and pen holder
3. Toys are mainly printed on the surface, curved LOGO and patterns of toys
4. Gifts, such as cups, wristbands, wristbands, and other decorative double wall bellows
5. Cosmetics, such as cosmetic case, shampoo, shower gel
6. Electronic products, such as moving hard disk, case, mobile phone case, MP3, rice cooker, etc
7. Building materials, such as stainless steel, metal strips, metal plates, boards and other products
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