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Profile Shaping Machine

Large 5 sets of profile shaping machine

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This machine is mainly used for rectifying aluminum surface flatness and section Angle flatness, it has the advantages of simple operation, good plastic effect and so on, and is an ideal product for aluminum production at present.
Main parameters: 1. The plastic diameter of axle: Φ 65, 90 two Φ.
Effective machining size: length 6000mmX width 400mmX height 220mm
Power: 1.5kw -3KW.
Transmission mode: chain drive, adjustable speed.
Main types: 1. Three groups: up and down three groups of pressure.
2. Small 5 groups: up and down three groups of pressure, side two groups of pressure.
3. Big five groups: up and down five groups of pressure.
This product operates safely, the price is reasonable, we provide the long-term maintenance service, welcome the general customer friend to call!!!

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