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Protective Film Cutter

Protective film cutter

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PE protective film, wood - grain paper cutting machine
I. equipment principle:
This equipment is widely used for packaging material cutting, simple operation, convenient for operators to use, combined with supporting equipment research and development, stable performance.
Ii. Equipment features:
1. Adopt high hardness and high precision circular cutter, pneumatic feed and pneumatic tail seat (the tail seat has an under-pressure protection device).
2. The cutting spindle is equipped with white PE pipe to protect the blade.
3. Stable circular knife cutting, beautiful edge of finished product.
4. Simple operation and smooth end face.
5. The cutting length is determined by the positioning axis, the cutting width is accurately positioned, and manual locking device is adopted for the positioning.
6. The machine is not equipped with air compressor. The size of air compressor is recommended to use 2HP.
Iii. Equipment parameters:
1. Maximum cutting length: 1600mm
2. Minimum cutting width: 3mm
3. Cutting method: disc cutter cutting
4, round knife size: Φ 450 mm (wearing parts: no warranty)
5. Cutting accuracy: plus or minus 0.5mm
6, the largest diameter: 200 mm Φ
7, inlet pipe diameter: Φ 8 mm
8. Inner diameter of paper tube: 3 inches (76mm)
9. Spindle drive motor: 2.2kw (no speed regulation)
10. Material fixation: 3 jaw chuck
11. Power source: 380v/50Hz, three-phase 4 wire
12. Machine weight: about 450KG
13. Equipment size: length 2300mm* width 600mm* height 1250mm.



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